Take a good look at the sidebar at left.  Right at the bottom, under the parent page Newsletters you will find a link to a new page on our blog:  Classified Ads.

This page is for Kenya Quilt Guild members’ private use only, to help anyone in the Guild tell all other Guild members that they have something they want to sell.  The ads are free, so you can let us know any time you want to sell something privately and directly to another Guild member and we will place an ad on the page for you.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, you can check our Classified Ads page at any time to see if there is something there you would like to buy.  If you find some great bargain or treasure you simply cannot live without, you can contact the seller directly through our Kenya Quilt Guild Members page and close the transaction privately between yourselves.

Be sure to let us know when it’s a “done deal” so we can remove the ad from the Classified Ads page!