The Kenya Quilt Guild’s blog needs your help!

No one person can attend all of our activities personally; who among us can manage that?!

However, someone – anyone – who attends a Guild event – like our upcoming Christmas party or a regular monthly meeting – can send in details and photos of it.  From a few notes (“who, what, where, when, why and how”) and one or more photos taken during the event, together we can develop posts for the blog that will help keep it fresh and give it the professional touch we have needed for so long.

If you attend a Kenya Quilt Guild meeting or function and are willing to take a couple of photos and make simple notes about what happens, you will be serving the Guild in a most important way.  As a Guild blog reporter, you will be helping to keep all of our Guild members (especially those of us who could not attend) informed about our activities as well as helping the Kenya Quilt Guild become more prominent in the general online world of quilt guilds, making us more highly visible to quilters in other countries.

If you wish, you can be granted access to the back side of the blog which is called a “dashboard.”  You can be enrolled officially as a Contributor so that you can upload your photos and write your notes as text in a blog post.  As a Contributor, you will not have full control over the blog, but you will have the full support of the Administrator.  We will be able to see your blog posts before they are made public, edit them for spelling, grammar and tone, edit your photos as necessary, and help you improve the quality of the written reports you produce.

You will not have to worry about any of the blog’s management issues.  You will not be able to change settings or features of the blog.  You will not be able to damage anything on the blog, so you need have no fear of doing anything “wrong.”  Your posts must be approved after editing and before they can become public, so that is an additional safeguard.

If you are willing to help out as a Contributor, you will receive full credit for your blog posts, and you will slowly and gently come to understand how a WordPress blog operates.  Who knows?  You might one day want to set up a blog for yourself!  And, if you are useful as a Contributor, you can work your way to becoming an Author and maybe even an Editor.

To learn more about becoming a Contributor, please see   The more contributors we have for our blog, the healthier the blog will be.

If you prefer not to have any hands-on involvement in our blog, you can instead send us notes and photos of events and functions you attend.  If more than one of you reports about an event, all those details can be joined into one post, so please don’t be shy about letting us hear from you.  We will be delighted to receive your perceptions about any of our events, meetings, or outings, and to turn those into high quality content for our blog.

Please let us know (use the contact form in the sidebar at left) if you are willing to help out by becoming either an official or an unofficial contributor to the Kenya Quilt Guild blog.  Your help will be most appreciated by all our readers!