The Annual General Meeting of the Kenya Quilt Guild will be held on Thursday, March 17 (CHANGED TO MARCH 24!).

The agenda calls for election of officers, so we want to encourage all of our members to come forward as volunteers to fill these important positions:

  • Chairman presides over general and Executive Council meetings
  • Vice-Chairman fills in for Chairman as needed and helps with education (teachers, library, guest speakers and special programs)
  • Secretary manages all correspondence, records and meeting notices
  • Treasurer manages monies and all financial records
  • Membership keeps records of members and works to expand membership numbers
  • Librarian manages library resources, acquisitions and records
  • Newsletter Editor writes and publishes Snippets 10 times a year
  • Public Relations Officer promotes the KQG in the local and international communities, writes and publishes the KQG WordPress blog, assists with special events
  • Charities Officer identifies and manages disbursement of funds and resources to non-profit organizations in need of assistance from the KQG
  • 2 Members-at-Large attend Executive Council meetings as general representatives of the membership to advise and monitor Officer activities within the Guild

Also on the agenda is a vote on the Proposed Draft Constitution.  Updating our current Constitution is an important step.  We hope you will take time to read both documents and make suggestions or comments, either by email or with the contact form in the sidebar at left.

Come to the AGM ready to volunteer and to vote!