The Kenya Quilt Guild held its Annual General Meeting during the March meeting time on March 24, 2011.  With 49 members present, we had the necessary quorum to conduct business, and everything went smoothly.

Following brief reports by the outgoing Chairman Jasvinder Phull and Treasurer Lakhbir Virdee, elections of officers were held, and the following choices were made:

  • Chairman:  Neela Shah
  • Vice Chairman:  Martine Kuria-Chamorel
  • Secretary:  Gretchen Sanders-Mwaura
  • Treasurer:  Rashmika Patel
  • Librarian:  Raji Syan
  • Newsletter:  Goodie Davies
  • Public Relations:  Dena Crain
  • Membership:  Kundan Pattni
  • Member-at-Large:  Poley Bhamra
  • Member-at-Large:  Jasbir Sokhi

Jasvinder Phull will continue to serve on the Executive Council as Immediate Past Chairman.  The Guild thanked all the outgoing officers and welcomed new leadership.

2011 Kenya Quilt Executive Council

2011 Kenya Quilt Guild Executive Council

The Proposed Constitution was discussed at some length after a more formal presentation by its principal supporter, Dena Crain.  It was approved unanimously, subject to minor editorial corrections, and is now on its way to the Kenya government’s Registrar for official adoption.

The new Constitution provides a membership category of Honorary Lifetime Membership.  This has recently been awarded to Indu Shah, Jean Classen and Heather Campbell, and a fourth award was made during the AGM to Lady Jennifer (Jay) Hewett.  Congratulations to all our senior and highly respected Honorary Life members!

The Executive Council circulated sketches of a proposed new logo for the Kenya Quilt Guild.  One choice stood out, but none was given a consensus determination.  This will return to the Council for reconsideration at its next meeting.

Official business completed, all eyes turned to show and tell, a most impressive session for this meeting: