The Kenya Quilt Guild was honored to have two different workshops run by Dena Crain in Nairobi last month.

The first workshop called “Beautiful Binding” is definitively a must for most quilters! Many of us don’t enjoy sewing this last part and generally don’t consider it an important part of the quilt.  This 3-hour workshop definitely changed our perceptions about binding!

Two techniques were demonstrated, one with seams and one without seams.  Both methods were entirely sewn with a sewing machine, opening our horizon on how to decorate the edges with embroidered stitches.  For a more interesting effect a demonstration on how to add various sized piping was given.

The second workshop called Darned Quilts lasted 2 days. A gradation background was pieced and embellished with various trims. Then circles were cut, shifted and darned to give the beautiful pieces that were displayed during the last June meeting.

Darned Quilts Workshop Quilts

Kenya Quilt Guild's "Darned Quilts" Workshop Quilts

This workshop was not only on techniques but also taught the student how to make one decision and go for it, how to use a design board, how to start designing our own piece and many other tips were given as the class moved along.

This class is very famous at Quilt University and can be taken like any other class from Quilt University, from the comfort of your home; so don’t miss it again!

What a difference it makes to have a quilt hanging straight !