One must learn by doing the thing,

for though you think you know it,

you have no certainty, until you try it.”



Summer or winter, depending in which hemisphere you are, is approaching with long holidays, too.  The Kenya Quilt Guild suggests you look into some of the following websites as places to continue learning and upgrading your patchwork and quilting skills while you are at home:

Quilt University is a very user-friendly website to take a patchwork quilting class online. It offers more than 120 classes to take in the comfort of your home. As a trial, register for the free sample class and see how you like it! If you have more questions, you can always ask Dena Crain who is a teacher for Quilt University.

The is another website that offers quilt classes.  Browse through their website and see if it fits your need. There are quite a number of free videos available there.

On, Quilty is a series of short free videos focused on beginners that contains a lot of basic information on how to use your machine, choose your fabric, rotary cut and more!

All these websites  and many more can be found through Google.

Please share with us either by replying to this post or by using the Kenya Quilt Guild Facebook page if you know of interesting websites that may be of use to all of us.