Paula Benjaminson did a very commendable job while she visited with us in October last year.  Fresh images of her work that was quite inspirational still linger in our minds.  We owe much appreciation to Paula for taking us to another level in the quilting world–the Doodle World!   We all ought to practice more of what Paula taught.

We also need to expand our horizons in the doodle world as we learn more from Cara Gulati who designs and publishes quilt patterns for the Doodle Press. It is rewarding to look at what other students are also doing in the doodling world with Cara.

We note that once the mind discovers new things, it never goes back to its original dimension!  On the same wavelength we should have a look at Zentangles which some may refer to as Zen doodles.  This is a new drawing process that has made quilters very excited at the moment:

Let’s keep on doodling, folks!