International Quilt Festival of Ireland
Below is a copy of an open letter to the Kenya Quilt Guild from Caitlin Hacker of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

Are you going?

Why not enter one or more of the amazing exhibitions that are lining up fast?  ANYONE is permitted to enter!

Dear Kenya Quilters,
My name is Caitlin Hacker and I am emailing on behalf of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.  I am contacting you because we thought it would be a grand idea to invite members of your quilt guild to show quilts at our festival, and represent your entire guild with a quilt for one or two of our exhibits. I wanted to share with you two unique exhibits that we feel are going to gather a lot of attention at the festival. The first is called, “My Quilted Garden” and the second is “Yin & Yang.”

My Quilted Garden” will transform a large room in one of NUIG’s (the university campus we have turned into a Quilter’s Village) oldest building into what we envision will be an extraordinary walk-in garden, with beautifully colored 3-D flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, grass, and even a stream, while birds are chirpping, bees are buzzing and incredibly colorful flower and garden quilts line the walls to enclose the garden setting. It is going to be lovely. We are offering a $1000 (approx. 750 EURO) cash prize to the best entry in the exhibit, whether it be flowers or a quilt that hangs on the wall.
Quilted Flowers

Quilted Flowers

Yin & Yang,” however, is something on the opposite side of the spectrum that is more challenging, but equally as fun. Each quilters who participates will have to create two quilts, one that represents their artistic side as an art quilter and one that allows them to create something traditional. it is the same theme for both quilts, one made using more of a right brain application and the other using the left brain.  The winner of this exhibit entry will receive a cash prize of $2,500 (approx. 1,750 EURO). Having one quilter from your guild to represent the entire guild would be truly exciting.

The deadline to complete these entries is April 1st, which would mean the creativity and quilting would need to start soon. The sizes are not very large, so we feel it is very do-able within the timeframe, especially making the 3-D flowers and plants for My Quilted Garden.
Just to let you know, we have all of this information available on our festival website, and if nothing else, the Cead Mile Failte quilt block entry could also be a nice contribution to the exhibits, as quilters around the world trace their hand and make a quilt block they applique and design that will be sewn with other blocks as the official “welcome exhibit” at the festival each year it is presented.
Thanks for considering all of this, and I do hope members of your guild would like to participate. To be honest, I think it could be really fun for members of your guild to sit around one afternoon or evening and make fabric flowers and represent your guild with a nice little bundle or patch in the garden. That sounds like a lot of fun to me!
Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for your kind support!