We are delighted to learn that the Rhododendron Needlers’ Quilt Guild, whose members come from 37 towns in Massachusetts and Rhode Island,  have generously promised to donate the sum of US $100 towards our 2012 Exhibition expenses, as part of their guild outreach programme.  We are most grateful to them for their support.

Our longtime American member Sarah Brewin, who is also a member  of the RNQG, has facilitated this donation and will bring it with her when she visits us in May to teach a class based on her “Dancing Ladies” quilt, which won the Members’ Choice award at our recent African Quilt Challenge, and which will be shown at the KQG exhibition in May.

"We Dance; Therefore We Are!," patchwork quilt by Sarah Brewin

"We Dance; Therefore We Are!," patchwork quilt by Sarah Brewin

The Rhododendron Needlers have also expressed interest in our two Guilds forming a “sister” relationship to work  together. As a first step they have suggested that the winning quilt from the 2012 KGQ exhibition should be sent to the US to be shown at their exhibition in March 2013.  This is an exciting prospect for our Kenyan quilters.

At the last Rhododendron Needlers’ exhibition in March 2011, the famous  “The Supper Quilt,” inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century mural painting of “The Last Supper,” was on display.  Made by retired American dentist, Dr. Donald Locke, this quilt is composed of 51,816 half inch squares using 350 different fabrics.  It took 1,200 hours of piecing over 2 1/2 years to stitch.  It has been exhibited in 6 countries and 31 American states.  It will be an honour for the KQG to have a quilt shown in the exhibition which follows the showing of such an illustrious piece of work.