Neela Shah, our recently re-elected chairperson, welcomed six guests to our May meeting as well as Magie Relph and Sarah Brewin our visiting teachers.

Neela informed us that last weekend’s exhibition at Village Market raised a good sum for the charities we support–AMREF’s Fistula Clinic to pay for corrective surgery, and the The Dream Project to support the purchase of a new water tank.  She announced the winner of the “Viewers’ Choice” prizes and the winners of the raffle quilts.

There were rather fewer entries to our exhibition this year than in previous years.  Members were encouraged to be more productive as exhibitions will probably take place annually in future rather than every 18 months.  The location of the exhibition hall at Village Market proved less than ideal as there was little walk-in traffic and lots of noise; members were asked to think of alternative locations.

Dena Crain mentioned that several visitors expressed interest in buying quilts at the show, particularly “Dancing Ladies” and she has sent out information about pricing quilts and suggested some of the members could turn professional!  There was a write-up of the exhibition in the Star and another in Asian Weekly.  Dena asked for a volunteer to help her with advertising and promotions.

Sarah Brewin had taught her ‘Dancing Ladies’ quilt on Tuesday and Sheryl Fowler displayed her delightful variation on the theme with twirling guinea fowl on a rippled background.  Sarah’s Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild in Boston had kindly donated $200 towards the KQG exhibition and are eager for some African quilts for their exhibition in March 2013.  Twelve of the members present expressed interest in sending quilts to the exhibition.

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Dena talked about the exhibition in Canada next year which has changed time and location.  It will now be in the Hilton Hotel in London Ontario from 11th to 15th June.  Deanna Gaudaur pointed out that the date change would now preclude attendance by those with children in school.

Gill Rebelo, who organises the educational side of the Guild’s activities, explained that from next month she will be arranging free workshops after the monthly meetings.  These will be sociable opportunities for new members to learn skills from more experienced quilters and to make products for sale for the Guild’s charities.  She asked members to offer to help and suggested they would enjoy making a ‘block of the month’ each.  These will contribute to a sampler quilt for the next exhibition.

In Show-and-Tell, Gretchen Sanders-Mwaura displayed the lovely book cover she had made in Bev Rebelo’s machine quilting class the previous week, and a 20” x 10” block she has made for her Voyage Art Textiles group.  It was loosely inspired by a blue painted shack she had photographed and was beautiful and original.

Nasreen Arain showed her sparkly lady’s bag.  It was pretty and flamboyant, embellished with sequins.  Indu Shah showed us a quilt she is making for a lucky child, with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends represented on it.  She had skillfully hand quilted a design to show the clouds of steam from the engines.

Delia Spring had made two jolly and colourful quilts with dinosaurs and bones and stipple quilting for her three and six year old boys.  Sheryl Fowler is making two quilts for an 80 year old friend.  She showed us the first one which was a very attractive French Braid quilt in luscious shades of pink and dark red with a repeated triangle shape border.

Magie Relph talked about the classes she will be teaching in the next few days and showed some stunning examples of her work, including many of the lively West African fabrics she collects.  She describes her freeform African Jazz quilts as topsy quilts!  She says “Thumb your nose at the quilt police”!  She went on to give an extremely interesting illustrated talk about West African cloth.  She has observed and photographed artisans dyeing and weaving and printing cloth using ancient methods and shared those fascinating experiences with us.