The June meeting was a very interesting one, starting with our officers arriving to set up only to discover we had been moved out of our usual meeting hall to an upstairs room.  Although that caused a small flurry of activity, things quickly settled down and the meeting proceeded without further interruption.

We had a somewhat unusually large turn-out of guests and visitors, and Chairperson Neela Shah welcomed everyone, including one or two new members.  Sadly, she then called for a moment of silence in memory of our recently deceased friend, Rowena Buxton.  The last few weeks have been a sad time for the Guild as we have each had to accept this most unfortunate loss.

Deanna Gaudaur has issued an invitation to our members to visit her studio at Kijabe for a demonstration of her long-arm quilting system.  Of course, this necessitates a social outing complete with car-pooling and a sign-up sheet to control who will bring what dishes for lunch.  When our members cook, the eating is top-notch, so if you’re a KQG member or guest, you won’t want to miss out.  Date for the event is August 1, and it’s not too late to join in on the fun!

Sarah Brewin will be back with us later in the year, so everyone is encouraged to work on their African quilts to send with her for exhibition at the Rhododendron Needlework Quilters Guild in Boston.  From there, the quilts will be forwarded to Canada where they will be shown during the “Out of Africa 2013” exhibition to be held at the London Hilton Hotel in Ontario, Canada, June 11-15, 2013.

The International Quilt Convention Africa 2012 is fast approaching, scheduled to run July 27-29 in Johannesburg. Members are urged to make airline, accommodation, workshop and social function reservations immediately so as not to miss out on the opportunity to participate in this historic and fun-filled event:  the first ever professionally organized quilt festival on the entire continent of Africa!

Gill Rebelo also encouraged any of our members willing to do so to participate in Village Market’s Jean-ius fashion design competition.  Details about that can be found on the Village Market Facebook Page.

Show and Tell photos are below:

Our guest speaker was textile artist Sophie Standing, whose work is much in demand.  Sophie produces images of African wildlife and domestic animals on cotton canvas by applying raw edge appliqué of a wide range of printed cotton and other fabrics, followed by machine stitching.  She described something of the processes she goes through from initial sketch to finished piece.  She stretches her completed pieces on stretcher frames, ready for decorative framing.  Sophie’s work has been so successfully received by Kenyans and international visitors that she has commissions booked for the next two years!  Well done, Sophie; we all greatly admire your work!

Sophie Standing

Sophie Standing, Textile Artist

Sophie Standing, Textile Artist

Sophie Standing, Textile Artist

Sophie Standing, Textile Artist

The July meeting will be a children’s quilt day!  All attendees are invited to bring any children they know who might like to learn about patchwork quilting plus 1 dozen cupcakes, and be prepared to teach and learn with the young people.