For the November meeting, Kenya Quilt Guild members discovered to their dismay that our usual meeting room had been booked out to another function!  Our meeting was held in the garden under a tent!



Guests were introduced and made welcome.  Then it was announced that the next KQG Exhibition will be held at Sarit Centre, Westlands, on the weekend of April 12th through14th, 2013.  We hope to attract a larger audience, meet more prospective buyers and recruit more new members as we educate the general public on the joys and products of patchwork quilting.

The Kenya Embroiderers Guild will be sharing the exhibition hall and the costs with the Kenya Quilt Guild.  We will need sponsors to help offset the expenses.  Guild members were asked to identify and approach prospective sponsors at the 5,000-10,000/- level.  We will need lots of helpers, too!  Members are encouraged to sign up on sheets that will be circulated at the January Guild meeting.

Given this meeting’s change of venue from hall to garden, it is anticipated that we might have to find a new place for our meetings.  Some of our officers have suggested The Simba Union Sikh Club, and that is where we will have our Christmas party on December 6, starting at 11:30 a.m.  That way, we will have a chance to check out that venue and see whether it would suit us better in future.

Guild Chairperson Neela Shah explained the directions to the Simba Union:  Take Parklands Road and do not go over the flyover.  Instead take the left slip road past the temple and Premier Academy, then follow the signs.  A map will be emailed to ensure that no one gets lost.  Failing this, members can carpool from Westgate or The Sarit Centre.  They are to liaise with each other.

For the Christmas party, a potluck lunch list was circulated.  Patty Arensen, our Community Outreach and Charitable Works Committee Chairperson, asked that everyone who attends bring a piece of nonperishable food for Heshima Children’s Centre.  Patty spoke about Heshima Daycare Centre and she had jewelry and shawls from there to sell. She explained that the children’s’ mothers make these things to support their little ones and to pay for their education.

Neela gave Phillipa Yusuf a bouquet of flowers as a thank you gift for all of Phillipa’s hard work over the years as our Secretary.  She will be leaving Kenya next month.  Philippa then presented her talk on crochet and gave a little impromptu workshop on it.

DSCF5812 2

The Christmas Bags our members had been assembling were collected and displayed.  Members present voted on their favourite and a prize awarded.  The Bags were then sold.







Sheryl Fowler explained the basis of the raffle quilt and kits were handed out at coffee time. Members were asked to have their sections finished by the January meeting.  The quilt will be raffled during our Exhibition at Sarit Centre with its proceeds going to charity.

It was announced that there will be an Exhibition Committee Meeting.  It has been scheduled for Wednesday 28th November at 10.00 a.m. at Jasvinder Phull’s home.  Please be prompt if you plan to attend it.

Gill Rebelo gave a brief demonstration on the piecing that will be involved in the Crazy Quilt Stocking Class, 22nd November.

Quarke (Quilt Artists of Kenya), a new group made up of those KQG members whose primary interests lie in patchwork quilting as a fine art, will be holding an Exhibition on  23rd – 26th November at the Village Market.  All Guild members and their families have been invited to the opening on Friday, 23rd November, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. in the Old Exhibition Hall.





Many ideas from patchwork, crochet and beading were shared:














Happy Holidays to everyone, and we’ll see you in the New Year!!