We had the talk on radiation by Laura and Gursh.  Then the announcements were made – administration, talked about the Exhibition in April, entry forms were ready and could be got from Charu and could be filled in there or taken with you and then to be passed onto Charu at the next meeting.  Need all the quilts in at the next meeting, and those who can not finish them on time, should give their names of the quilts and when they would be finished.
Then we talked about the Canada show, mentioned about the hosting, and names were to be given to Deanna for those who had intentions of going for the exhibition.
Had Show and Tell, and we have never had so many quilts for Show and Tell before.  We had some lovely quilts.
We had Susan Simonson, from Arusha, who had come specially for the meeting, and she had brought us her quilts for show and tell.  WE chose 4 of her quilts for the exhibition.

After coffee break, Gretchen gave her talk on Bark cloth, how it was made and had a slide show.  The meeting then came to an end.

It was a long meeting and good one, but tiring as always.  We did ask members to check their emails about the next meeting, as if there is a problem with the elections, than the meeting might have to be cancelled.