The weekend’s joint exhibition between the Kenya Quilt Guild and the Kenya Embroiderers Guild was a big success!  Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful show of the talents of Kenya needlework artists, and that having both Guilds exhibiting together was a wonderful decision.  All were pleased with the Sarit Centre Expo Hall, noted that traffic was good inside the hall if not in the surrounding area, especially on Friday morning when a fallen tree blocked one of the nearby streets and caused a big traffic jam around Sarit Centre.  Those people who were lucky enough to get into the Centre itself and see the show were genuinely impressed by the variety and scope of the work on display.

Congratulations go to our team leaders, Sheryl Fowler and Gail Langton, for pulling together such an eye-catching collection of the guilds’ members’ work and for presenting it in a very professional way.  Thank you, ladies!!

For those who missed seeing the show, please enjoy the “eye candy” below and watch for us again next year at roughly the same time and certainly the same place!