Again, we are in need of assistance with the newsletter. Suzanne Waithaka along with Gill will be holding the fort for a while. Margaret has done a sterling job and has been keeping Snippets going for quite some time now and she will be relieved for the help.

The 2014 Exhibition Committee will meet within the next couple of weeks to get the organization of the show initiated. For those who need an update, the exhibition will be held 3rd – 5th October at the Sarit Centre. Any member wishing to help with the planning, may join the committee.

As an added extra this year, we will be publishing a 2015 calendar in conjunction with the Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild. It is our hope that along with the raffle, the proceeds will help fund the cost of rental. Everyone was in agreement that this was a great idea.

Sheryl had the next edition of the Mystery Quilt available for perusal on the notice board and explained how the new blocks form the inner and outer border. In next month’s newsletter, the last edition will be published. Members will have until the July meeting to finish their quilts. The more the merrier!

Gretchen spoke about two quilting projects: The Red Cross Quilt and Bethany Quilts. The volunteers have been busy making these quilts and hopefully the finished products will be shared at one of our future meetings.

The UFO day in November was not very well supported, so as an experiment, we will be having a ‘trial’ afternoon after the February meeting. Members will be invited to come with their unfinished projects, their sewing machines, etc. There will be experienced quilters available to trouble shoot any problems. All welcome.

Show and tell was excellent this month:

KQG January 2014 - 01

KQG January 2014 - 02

KQG January 2014 - 03

KQG January 2014 - 04

KQG January 2014 - 05

KQG January 2014 - 09

KQG January 2014 - 12

KQG January 2014 - 13

KQG January 2014 - 15

KQG January 2014 - 16

KQG January 2014 - 18

KQG January 2014 - 19

KQG January 2014 - 22

KQG January 2014 - 23

KQG January 2014 - 24

KQG January 2014 - 27

KQG January 2014 - 28


Ragbir will be teaching a class to make a bargello table runner in February. She brought samples of the work to the meeting and there was a great deal of interest. The class will cost Shs. 1200.00 including the template. More information will be sent out via email.

On the subject of classes, the members were asked if they were interested in future classes, especially from overseas teachers. Because earlier classes were  poorly attended, we would like to ensure that more members take advantage of the classes.

Sarah Brewin has donated two new books to the library. We still have quite a lot of the library budget to spend this year. Any members who have any books they wish us to order, please contact Raji.

The workshop is still not functioning, but we hope to get it up and running in the near future.

Next month, Petrina Spencer physiotherapist, will be giving us a talk. Members were asked to write down quilting related problems for her to answer.