This isn’t an unusual greeting in this world. What is different is WHEN you say it. Where I come from, it is a greeting used on the first of January. One day. When I moved to Nairobi and lived through my first holiday season, I was surprised how long people kept using this greeting. It seems one continues to say, Happy New Year!” the first time you have seen a person since 1 January. I have been greeted this way throughout January and into February! In Nairobi, “Happy New Year!” is more than a greeting, but it is a blessing one gives their friends for the coming year. So… “Happy New Year,” Kenya Quilt Guild! May 2015 be filled with God’s blessings in each one of our lives!

New Year’s is also a time of setting resolutions, or goals, for the new year. You may remember that last year I set a goal of making a new quilt every month. I saw a need to simply speed up the process of quilting. What I thought was a matter of speed ended up being more of an issue of making time to quilt. I love to sew and create, but life had a way of crowding out what I love. So I cleared away time eating things, became more efficient in the tasks about the house, and learned to say “No!” to things that I could do but wasn’t particularly good at doing. Then I had the time to do what I really love. Quilting.

In September, opportunity knocked, a request beyond what I had even hoped for. My pastor from my home in Minneapolis came for a visit and commissioned me to design and make 6 double-fronted quilts for the sanctuary of our church. They are huge – 3.5 feet by 8 feet. They would like them done by May when we visit the States. I don’t think it possible for me to have all 6 done, but possibly 5. I would have never even considered this task, if I hadn’t first discovered that I could make a quilt a month. So clean up your schedule and make time for what you REALLY love – quilting.

Happy quilting! Happy New Year, Kenya Quilt Guild!
Patty Arensen