This month’s meeting began with a comedy of errors.  Gretchen’s  computer, with her talk  on crazy quilts, crashed the night before the meeting.  It was unsure whether or not we would be able to proceed as planned, but on Thursday morning the computer was revived enough to retrieve the PowerPoint presentation.  Patty then bought her computer to hook to the projector, but forgot the adapter.  The adapter was then emergency delivered and we proceeded with our original plan!

On Monday of the same week, Sarah Brewin, from Boston, MA, taught a class on accidental landscapes.  Sarah brought the fabric from the States in the form of kits for the class.  On Thursday, many of her students returned with their completed projects.  Sarah was also able to show us the various steps of this year’s Mystery Quilt.

Our Christmas Party will be at Patty Arensen’s house on 3 December 2015 at 12:00.  It is a potluck lunch.  The meetings of the new year demonstrations have yet to be determined.

Our 2016 calendar of our quilts is available for 300/=.  They are beautifully done calendars of some of our members beautiful work.  The proceeds will go to benefit our show next year.

The Woman Shop is have a sale of all quilting materials and notions 20% off to all Guild members.

Panafric Friendship Quilt:  We have been asked to join quilters across the continent of African in being “twinned” with another quilter.  Each participant will be given an assortment of fabrics to include in her quilt.  Begin a quilt and then it will be sent to the twin, who will add to the original quilt.  Then switch the quilts once again to finish off the original quilt.  All quilts will then be shown together in quilt shows around the continent and eventually returned to their makers.  If you are interested in participating, contact Renee through the Kenya Quilt Guild for more information.

Our workshop will be opened at Sheryl’s house beginning in January.  We will work every Thursday beginning at 10 am.  Our first task is to work on the raffle quilts for our October 2016 show.

Subscriptions for membership are due in January.  Cost for membership is 2000/=.

Show and Tell was once again enjoyed by all.

Gretchen gave a very interesting talk on the history of Crazy Quilts.  We learned how this fad started around the turn of the century and the symbolism and messages of these quilts.  We are looking forward to a class on this form of quilting and trying it out for ourselves.


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