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Our October 2015 meeting was highlighted by the visit by Pam Holland, an international quilter, and her tour group of fellow quilters.  We shared our usual meeting with them with a few African themed quilts made by our members.  We had a market of African fabrics and embellishments available for our visitors to purchase.

The most amazing part of our meeting was Pam Holland herself.  She is a warm and approachable woman with the most unusual and comfortable looking shoes!  She gave us a digital presentation about her creative process and then opened the suitcase full of quilts she created.

This is when the magic started.  We pored over her quilts with awe and admiration.  Pam’s style is wide.  Some of her quilts are whimsical and childlike.  They make you smile at their vivid colors and happy characters.  Others are like gallery pieces of art. The thread work is so detailed it is as if her machine was like a paint brush.  As the quilts marched out of the suitcase, the quilters gathered around them talking in hushed tones as if they were in an art gallery, as indeed they were!

We would like to than Gill Rebello for all her work and persistence in getting Pam to come and speak to us. Without her gentle friendliness and tireless attempts, we would not have had this opportunity.  Thank you, Gill, for not giving up!

Besides leaving us behind inspired to try something different or practice on perfecting our quilting skills, Pam and her crew left many gifts.  We have beautiful fabric and antique embroideries from Thailand along with gifts of fabric from the States.  Pam left us two copies of her alphabet book. “The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet” reads at first like a children’s fantasy book, but then moves into a quilting book.  The back has designs ready to be copied and traced for a whimsical quilt or pillow.  She gives full, illustrated instructions and on how to do this.

After the meeting, the Kenya Quilt Guild Executive Committee treated Pam’s group to a potluck lunch at Gill’s house and then a fabric tour around Nairobi. We took Pam and her group to the shops where we find African fabrics, embellishments and other inspirations.  It was a wonderful day of quilting activities for our members–a day to remember and a hope that Pam soon returns to teach a few of her classes!