Join us at this practical 2-day seminar to cement your learning and gain a deeper understanding of the latest cyber security threats, hacks and on how to harness the most up-to-date tools to mitigate your exposure and limit any damage from cyber-attacks.

In this cyber world every detail about you can be exploited by someone. It’s the very basic need to remain safe while surfing, downloading, sending and online transactions. This is the center of gravity for our cyber security seminar, by providing all the key points to avoid getting hacked.

Venue: The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), Nairobi, Kenya.

Date: 14th-15th September 2017

Course Fee: Ksh.46,200/- inclusive of 2 days attendance, 5-course meals, mega seminar kit & taxes.

Pay Scheme: Package of 3 Delegates get 1 Free Slot

Cyber Security Seminar: Background and Context
Cyber Security is very important in today’s networked world and is impacting every aspect of society including finance, healthcare, government, insurance, education, information, security and others.

Most of the security breaches in an organization arise from the lack of security awareness of employees.

The objective of this seminar is to teach each employee the nuances of the current Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crime happenings and how to defend themselves and their organization. Precaution is always better than cure.

Cyber Security Seminar:Topics To Be Covered

Being a Hacker

· What people Hack?

· How much is my information worth?

· Types of Hackers

· Approaches of a Hacker

· Steps in Hacking

Basics of Internet, Networking & Hacking

· Types of network – LANs, WANs & WLANs

· What is a Server?

· What is an IP Address?

· Client-Server Relationship Model

· What is a port?

Information gathering by Hackers (How to protect your information?) (Practical)

· How Hackers gather information about us?

· Does everybody know about you?

· Where do they get it?

o Whois access (Demo)

o Maltego (Demo)

o (Demo)

o Ipscaning (Demo)

o Port scaning (Demo)

· Network scanning & its tools (Demo)

· What is Google and how does it work?

· Google Hacking (Demo)

· Accessing Public Cameras

· Basic hacks (Demo)

· How can Google hacking help an Ethical Hacker? (Demo)

Desktop/PC Security, Antivirus & IDS (Practical)

· Types of viruses

· How they detect a virus?

· Which Antivirus is best?

· What is firewall?

· What are Trojan & Spywares?

Web Security

· Fundamentals of Web Security

o How the web really works

o Rattling the Locks

o Looking through Tinted Windows – SSL

o Having someone else do it for you – Proxies

· Web Vulnerabilities

o Scripting Languages

o Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Vulnerabilities

o Security Guidelines for Building Secure Web Applications

· HTML Basics – A brief introduction

o Reading HTML

o Viewing HTML at its Source

o Links

o Proxy methods for Web Application Manipulation

Email Security

· How E-mail Works

· Safe E-mail Usage

o Spam, Phishing and Fraud

o HTML E-Mail

o Attachment Security

o Email Forging

Mobile Security

· Android Phone Security

· What Apps can do to harm you?

· Dos &Donts for Mobile Phones

Wireless Security

· What are public WiFi?

· Can someone sniff our passwords?

· How to protect our self from WiFi attacks?

Passwords Security

· History of Passwords

· Types of Passwords

o Strings of Characters

o Strings of Characters plus a token

o Biometric Passwords

· Build a Strong Password

· Password Encryption

· Password Cracking (Password Recovery)

· Protection from Password Cracking

Social Media Security

· Attacks on Social Media

· Social Engineering Attacks

· How to defend Facebook Account?

Cyber Security Seminar: Key Learning Points Include:-

  • Increasing Cyber Security Awareness
  • Developing and Expanding a Cyber Security Strategy
  • Realizing, Reacting and Evaluating A Cyber Security Attack
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Looking at Tomorrow’s threats today
  • Real and practical examples will be given throughout the day, including top-tips which you can take away and implement in your organization
  • Practical skillset in mitigating the risk from, malware, Trojans, hackers, tracker, cyber criminals and all online threats.

Cyber Security Seminar: Target Audience
The Seminar is designed for:-
An audience who use computers and networks frequently but do not necessarily have a technical background in computer sciences.
People with an IT background who need an additional skills in security technologies will also benefit from the seminar.
Those who wish to develop a greater understanding of cyber security and for those who wish to brush up their knowledge.

Limited slots are available for this Event.

For more information on participation, contact Catherine.

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