Some patchwork quilters in Kenya are willing to accept commissions for piecing, quilting and/or design.  The current list of professional quilters in Kenya is given below, along with a description of what each quilter is prepared to do:

  • Christine Kibuka:  Original design embroidery of African motifs, piecing, quilting by hand
  • Charu Patel:  Original design (art) patchwork, hand beading, machine quilting
  • Kundan Pattni:  Machine patchwork and quilting, assistance with design selection
  • Raghbir Syan:  Hand quilting

Quilters who are willing to accept commissions to make art or bedcover quilts in their entirety include:

  • Poley Bhamra
  • Rajminder Kaur Kalsey
  • Farhat Zahid Khan
  • Martine Kuria-Chamorel
  • Pauline Okemba Mang’ana
  • Margaret Atieno Odera
  • Charu S. Patel
  • Kundan Pattni
  • Nandan Rajnikant Shah
  • Neela Shah
  • Raghbir Syan
  • Raji Syan
  • Lakhbir Virdee

To inquire about commissioned quilt makers and the work they do, use the form below. Your call for a quilt maker will be circulated anonymously amongst our Members. Those who are interested will submit their professional details and photos of previous work. We will forward that information to you and you can negotiate privately with the quilt maker(s) of your choice.

Kenya Quilt Guild accepts no responsibility for the performance of its quilt maker Members, and we take no fees from them for providing this service.