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I recently attended a work shop with Patty Arensen of Kenya Quilt Guild about turning pictures into quilts. All the attendees thoroughly enjoyed seeing photographs taken by cameras or phones transform into beautiful handmade wall hangings.

I adored the idea so much and found another convenient way to do the same. I found this link of printing directly onto fabric: Yes, it is very possible.

print on fabric


A few months ago I attended a cutwork embroidery class by Mary Hickmott. She used the same method, and it came out beautifully on cotton fabric.

There will be a few trial and errors sessions (and a lot of printer ink) but it’s worth giving this method a try. The link above has complete instructions for printer settings and materials required.

Happy printing!


Magical Art of Stitches

The Magical Art of Stitches Exhibition 2014, organized jointly between the Kenya Quilt Guild and the Kenya Embroiderers Guild, was held at Sarit Centre in Westlands, October 3-5. From the Exhibition Committee Chairman, Sheryl Fowler, we have the following report:

I am sure that everyone will agree that the display for “The Magical Art of Stitches Exhibition 2014” was professional, not cluttered and very pleasing to the eye.  We have to congratulate the Exhibition Committee for hanging the quilts tastefully.  It was an entire day’s work for the ladies, but the end result was fabulous.  The general public was very complimentary in every aspect of the show.  We have a talented membership and their work was highly appreciated.
The Challenge Quilts and Mystery Quilts were exceptional and took the interest of our visitors.  This type of group activity is popular with our membership and we should endeavour to hold more in the future.  We hope to start a new Challenge in January and look forward to many exciting new quilts from everyone.  We all have patchwork and quilting in common, enjoy the art of quilting and appreciate each other’s skills.
At the exhibition, our loyal members were prompt to serve their duties and every post was manned.  The white glove ladies were on hand to help, assist and answer any questions.  They endeavoured to promote our art.  The impromptu workshops run by Sarah Brewin were well attended and enjoyed by the public as were the complimentary classes given to our members as a gift from our Guild.  Peponi Preparatory School sent 58 children and teachers on Friday.  The children enjoyed their workshop and the tours given by both Guilds.
The prize ribbons were awarded on Sunday morning: 

  • 1st Prize to Sarah Brewin for Kitange Cloth
  • 2nd Prize to Jaya & Jharna Kamdar for The Wedding Quilt
  • 3rd Prize to Lakhbir Virdee for Infinity
  • 4th Prize to Jasvinder Phull for Tribemen
  • 5th Prize to Kundan Pattni for Omigosh.

The Challenge Quilts were also awarded ribbons:

  • 1st Place to Jasvinder Phull for Day Lillies
  • 2nd Place to Anne Lyon for Dragonfly
  • 3rd Place to Kulwinder Birdi for Spring Flowers
  • 4th Place to Carol Davey for Comforts of Home

Well done to all the ladies who served on the Exhibition Committee and to our talented members who submitted quilts for the show.  With everyone’s participation, we held a very successful exhibition!

See photos of the exhibition quilts on our Gallery page.

The weekend’s joint exhibition between the Kenya Quilt Guild and the Kenya Embroiderers Guild was a big success!  Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful show of the talents of Kenya needlework artists, and that having both Guilds exhibiting together was a wonderful decision.  All were pleased with the Sarit Centre Expo Hall, noted that traffic was good inside the hall if not in the surrounding area, especially on Friday morning when a fallen tree blocked one of the nearby streets and caused a big traffic jam around Sarit Centre.  Those people who were lucky enough to get into the Centre itself and see the show were genuinely impressed by the variety and scope of the work on display.

Congratulations go to our team leaders, Sheryl Fowler and Gail Langton, for pulling together such an eye-catching collection of the guilds’ members’ work and for presenting it in a very professional way.  Thank you, ladies!!

For those who missed seeing the show, please enjoy the “eye candy” below and watch for us again next year at roughly the same time and certainly the same place!

Deanna Gaudaur had invited KQG members to visit her home in Kijabe to see her long-arm quilting machine setup, so a large group of them arrived on August 2.  Everyone had a great time, although the weather was chilly, and they enjoyed a wonderful pot luck lunch.  Thanks, Deanna, for your hospitality!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Deanna also sends along her recipe for Cranberry/Orange Scones:

Kijabe Cranberry/Orange Scones
Combine in mixing bowl:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar(Or 2 T sugar if you aren’t making icing)

Cut in to the flour in small pieces (size of peas):

  • 1/4 cup shortening (Kimbo)

Add to the flour mixture:

  • 1/4 cup glazed orange peel (beside the glazed cherries in Nakumatt)
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries

Add and gently stir in

  •  3/4 cup unsweetened lala (or sour milk or 1/2 plain yoghurt and 1/2 milk)
Knead a few times and pat into a 8″ circle. Cut into 6-8 wedges and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake in preheated oven (225 degrees celsius or 450 fahrenheit) for about 15 minutes, or golden brown. Drizzle while still warm with a combination of a couple tablespoons of orange juice and enough powdered sugar to make a thin icing.

Sabine Prabhu won “Best of Show” in the Viewer’s Choice Awards for her lovely hand-made patchwork quilt during the recent Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition at Village Market.  She was later honored by the Guild with a presentation made by Kundan Pattni of The Woman Shop of an award–an etched glass trophy, a memento of her success.

Congratulations to Sabine for excellence in patchwork quilting!


Kundan Pattni awards Sabine Prabhu for Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition 2012 "Best of Show"

Kundan Pattni awards Sabine Prabhu for Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition 2012 “Best of Show”

Sabine Prabhu's hand-made, award-winning quilt, "Kilifi Kastle"

Sabine Prabhu’s hand-made, award-winning quilt, “Kilifi Kastle”

"Best of Show" engraved glass award, Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition 2012

“Best of Show” engraved glass award, Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition 2012



Many of us remember meeting Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson when they were in Kenya in January 2011. Few, if any of us will have an opportunity to study with either of them. This video, suggested to us by Princess Mutero, may be as close as we come! Find other wonderful quilting techniques on video at

On Thursday morning, January 20, 2011, the Kenya Quilt Guild received quiltmaking visitors from overseas, courtesy of Jim West’s Sew Many Places.  Accompanying the 50 tour participants were quilting superstars Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, hosts of The Quilt Show amongst all their other many activities.  What a great time we had!

The event was hosted in the East African Women’s League headquarters at WEAL House on Bishop’s Road in Nairobi.  Our guests, who were lodged at the luxurious Nairobi Serena Hotel, arrived promptly at 10:00 a.m. Pulling up in three shiny new buses, the safari participants debarked and moved into the hall and auditorium of WEAL House where they were warmly welcomed by members of the Kenya Quilt Guild.

With the entire group assembled in the auditorium, a few small speeches were given.  Margaret Odera, resplendent in full African dress, shouted “JAMBO!  Karibu sana!” and issued a customary welcome to Kenya to our guests.  Then, our Lady Chairman, Jasvinder Phull, greeted the visitors on behalf of the Kenya Quilt Guild.  Gill Rebelo, our resident quilt and East African textile historian, spoke briefly about the history of the “Settler Tapestries” on permanent display in the hall.

Alex and Ricky jointly spoke about how delighted they were to be visiting Kenya, and about all the fun they have working with quilters from around the world.  They presented all members of the Kenya Quilt Guild with a gift subscription to The Quilt Show.  Our members were delighted!

In return, the Guild presented Alex with a lovely African necklace that we know she will enjoy wearing with great pride, and Ricky with a traditional African “finger piano.”  What better gift for a talented musician and entertainer?  Ricky promises he will be playing it on his next album!  To Jim we presented a lovely ebony “mother and child” antelope sculpture.

The participants of the tour enjoyed proper Kenyan hospitality, taking tea and coffee with us and feasting from a table loaded with cakes, samosas and all kinds of other “bitings.”  They wandered leisurely around the building, viewing a fabulous, although hastily hung early that morning, display of quilts made by our members.  There were about 45 quilts on display, both indoors and outside, so there was good reason to keep moving about.  The visitors introduced themselves and chatted with our members, and vice versa, and a truly good time was had by all!

The buses departed at about 12:00 p.m., and we were sorry to see the party break up as all good things must come to an end.

Thanks go to all those who loaned quilts for display, brought food to share, helped set up the space and quilt exhibition, and especially to Dena Crain, whose idea this reception was, for organizing it with Jim West.

We hope Jim’s safari tour group will enjoy the rest of their time in Kenya as much as we enjoyed entertaining them yesterday morning:  “Safiri salaama!

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