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The Banyan Tree Project by Eleanor Viegas of Goa   Eleanor Viegas sent out a call for help in Goa. In her own words, Eleanor says,

My aim in Goa is to help keep the textile arts alive and arrange workshops in Peace Cottage to encourage women to  take up or come back to the craft of embroidery and other textile arts. In Goa the skills are dying and I am now linking the craft to the idea of meditation and a stress free life.

I don`t have funding to bring people to Goa but I do have a creative peaceful space near the beach where friends can stay. It would suit someone who was already thinking to travel for inspiration and a holiday. I stay in a very quiet part of Goa and who ever comes may like to travel around and stay in other parts of Goa or India.

The possibility of an international project which links women and embroidery/patchwork in different parts of the world interests me. One project I am currently working on is The Banyan Tree Embroidery project. I am in the process of setting up a website.

  Eleanor is eager to have quilters come to teach classes at the Peace Cottage in Goa. Find out more about Eleanor Viegas and her call for help:


We have heard recently from this shop in Muthaiga, that they have some quilting books they are selling at a healthy discount. Get there–quick!!

PO Box 63688 – 00619, Nairobi
Cell: 0724-081059
Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Road
FB Page Wall Décor –
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm


African Pots Quilt Painting by Ron Harwood, Ailsa Craig, Canada

African Pots Quilt Painting by Ron Harwood, Ailsa Craig, Canada

African Pots Quilt by Gill Rebelo

African Pots Quilt by Gill Rebelo

Above is a painting of my quilt African Pots by Ron Harwood of Ailsa Craig, together with a picture of the original quilt that it depicts.  It is hanging in Ailsa Craig Park, together with a painting of a Russian quilt from the Russian exhibition held in Ailsa Craig in 2007.

Painted quilt from the Russian Quilt Exhibition held in Ailsa Craig, Canada, in 2007

Painted quilt from the Russian Quilt Exhibition held in Ailsa Craig, Canada, in 2007

The plan is to have one quilt from each international exhibition painted and on permanent display.

After Garnet and Suzanne, organizers of our 2008 exhibition in Canada, relocated to London, Ontario, where our 2013 exhibition will be held, the local townsfolk in Ailsa Craig decided to continue the tradition ofinternational quilt exhibitions which Garnet had begun. To commemorate each country exhibiting, a painting will be displayed in the Park.

Gill Rebelo

Spring in My Garden, traditional quilt by Rohini Desai

Spring in My Garden, traditional quilt by Rohini Desai

Lark Books, publishers of the “500” series of books on various arts and crafts, are putting together a new book to be called “500 Traditional Quilts.”  They are seeking the best traditional quilts from around the world.  If you make traditional quilts and have one or more you would like to enter for inclusion in the book, find out more information from Lark Books at

Find a free downloadable tote bag (cute!!) pattern on the American Quilter’s Society site at  Then, be sure to have a look at their new book catalog at–books, patterns, fabrics–it’s all there!

Village Market, Gigiri, Kenya

The Village Market‘s magazine, Village Beat, has an article in it this month about the Kenya Quilt Guild’s exhibition held at Village Market in May of this year. Find the entire magazine, as well as our article, by clicking on the logo above.  First, though, you’d better get yourself a cuppa something–you’re going to want to read the entire magazine!!

This message has arrived from Grace Errea, who has befriended patchwork quilters in Kenya in the past:

Hello dear friends and Happy New Year?, Valentine’s Day? Oh wait….St. Patrick’s day, whatever!  Long time and many days have passed and I am happy to send this email to all of you to let you know a few exciting things!

1)  My book, Impressionist Appliqué, is finished.  Finally I can move over to another page in my life.  Not quite on the market yet.  It will be in mid-April.  But I have copies for sale and my website has the ability to offer you the book with or without the Value Chart or the Gray Scale.  Take a look: book looks beautiful.  I am happy with it and I believe that you will be, too.

Impressionist Appliqué by Grace Errea

Impressionist Appliqué by Grace Errea

2) Classes have begun.  I did a 4-day wonderful class at Road to California in January.  It was a real fun class.  I will be teaching again at Quilters’ Paradise in Escondido starting April, May and early June.  Maybe you would like to join me there!  Check out my calendar for more dates and classes.

3) If you are interested in longer classes and want to get out of the winter cold weather, I have three classes in Scottsdale, Arizona in January 21-25, 2013.  It would be nice to see you there and spend some quality art quilting time together.   Check out the QID website:

Please keep in touch and send me photos of your finished pieces.  I would love to see them and enjoy them.

HAPPY QUILTING TO YOU!  From my studio to yours!!!!!!!

The Kenya Quilt Guild congratulates Grace on the publication of her book, and we send our thanks for notices of upcoming workshops.  When do you plan to come to Kenya, Grace?!

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