The Kenya Quilt Guild promotes the art and craft of patchwork quilting in Kenya. Education is a most important part of our responsibility to our members and to the community. The Guild maintains an active and extensive library which is available to our members at monthly meetings. Fees applied enable us to make new acquisitions, although contributions are always welcome.

Several of our members teach patchwork quilting, either to other Guild members or to small groups within their home communities.  We invite international quilt teachers to present workshops and lectures that are of great interest to our members.  Generally, we can offer two or three such international teacher workshops per year.  The guild organizes field trips to visit local charitable organizations or arts and crafts centres nearby Nairobi in hopes of mutual exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.

Finally, each of us reaches out to anyone who is or might be interested in patchwork quilting.  We are all good friends, and we help one another when help is needed.