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This month we had no visitors, however three of our members were celebrating their birthdays.  Patty blessed them saying, “May your seams be ¼” and irons never spit.”

The newsletter was sent out promptly this month, thanks to Suzanne and other contributors.  Hard copies of Snippets will not be available for members at the meeting due to the expense of photocopying and the time/effort that will be involved.  For PR reasons, all present members and past members will receive Snippets via email, but there will be an unsubscribe tool installed for those who do not wish to receive it.

Anyone who wants to sell a sewing related item or is in need of purchasing one, can send the information to Suzanne to be published in the next edition.

The planning for the 2014 Magical Art of Stitches Exhibition is well under way.  Our deposit has been paid to The Sarit Centre and permission for the raffle has been sought.  Entry forms for the Challenge Quilts will be circulated at the meeting and sponsorship letters are obtainable from Sheryl Fowler.  Members were reminded to bring along a photo of their favourite quilt to the May meeting for the calendar.

Our UFO afternoons are being supported by some members and others were encouraged to take advantage of time and space provided by the Guild.  We will be holding these afternoon regularly after our monthly meetings.

Raji spoke about the library and the new books which should arrive before the April meeting.  The list of books ordered was published in Snippets.  The members accepted the news with enthusiasm.  There are also some library books outstanding and ladies were asked for their assistance to get them back into stock.

As of April, Sheryl will be introducing the Block of the Month. The pattern will be printed in Snippets and the Guild will be providing the background fabric each month.  Members are to bring their blocks along to the May meeting, where there will be a draw and the lucky winner will receive all of the blocks made by members which should be enough to construct a quilt.

Gretchen shared the Red Cross quilt top with the membership and explained the significance of each of the symbols. Patty will be quilting the project after which it will be presented to the Red Cross Society of Kenya.

Quilt for the Red Cross Society of Kenya

Quilt for the Red Cross Society of Kenya


During our April meeting, we will  hold our AGM.  Anyone wishing to serve on the Committee is most welcome and should step forward to be nominated.  After the AGM Kundan will be giving her talk on Revolutionary Rulers.

Ladies were again reminded to pay their outstanding membership fees of Shs. 1500.00

A new challenge will be introduced next month, “One Yard Exchange”.  Seven ladies will form their own group and chose a theme for their fabrics, say for instance, all batiks.  There will be a quick demonstration of the fabric snipping and ripping.  Sounds fun.  The Woman Shop will put up a prize for those groups who purchase the fabric from them.

Suzanne also suggested a fat quarter exchange where again a theme is put forward and those wishing to participate bring a fat quarter to the meeting.  Those who have a fat quarter will be eligible to win all the fat quarters in a monthly draw.

Raghbir’s table runner class was a great success and those who took the class brought along their runners to show.  More ladies voiced interest in taking the class.


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Show and Tell this month was well supported.  Jasbir Jabal showed her sampler quilt that she had constructed with Gill.  Indu Shah had two baby quilts and also a fine example of smocking and crochet work.  Suzanne Waithaka finished three small UFO quilts made from scraps.  Dorothy Stockwell had a black and white wall hanging made by the Tentmakers of Cairo with verses from the Koran.  Rashmika Patel had a beautiful ABC animal appliqué quilt, Raji Syan shared her patchwork quilt that she had finished on her long arm machine and Sheryl Fowler had a batik quilt made in the pattern of Rail Fence Diamond.

Following coffee break, Gill gave a short talk on the history of the Tentmakers of Cairo.  She described the plain exterior of Bedouin tents and how the magnificent appliqué pieces adorned the interior of the tents.  The beautiful pieces have no batting, so when the light filters through the fabric it gives a stained glass effect.  Jenny Bowker, who was a long time resident of Egypt, has worked to promote this art all over the world. With the economic downfall of Egypt and the political unrest, the Tentmakers have suffered decline.

We watched a fascinating video on the Tentmakers, where there were interviews and demonstrations on the techniques used to appliqué the pieces.  Following this, Estelle shared her many quilts with the meeting and told us of her experiences in Egypt.


JIm West, organizer of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland

Jim West, organizer of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland

Jim West is a multi-faceted quilt enthusiast who travels the world interacting with quilters where he goes.  He is the founder of Sew Many Places and publisher of Quiltposium online magazine. He is one of the most sought after travel experts in North America and one who has traveled 76 countries around the world and explored all 7 continents! It has been a journey for Jim, who has promulgated many changes in the Quilters world. Jim had this to say on Facebook:

 “ Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming – wow … what a ride!” 

Jim was recently in Kenya and the Kenya Quilt Guild enjoyed saying Karibu to him in our land! Jim illuminated some of the challenges we may have in traveling to Ireland for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland to be held this year.  The Kenya Quilt Guild will have six quilts on display in the Patchwork Promises exhibition at the Festival.

Listening to Jim West as he speaks with Sharon Pederson on the quilt market, in one of his video clip samplers, gives a glimpse of what he carries in his heart concerning the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.  Enjoy the video clip, and join us in Ireland in June!

International Quilt Festival of Ireland

International Quilt Festival of Ireland

Jim West, founder of Sew Many Places and Quiltposium Magazine, will arrive soon in Kenya to personally collect six round-robin quilts made by six of our members especially for the Patchwork Promises Exhibition, part of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland to be held in June of this year.  We cannot show you our quilts for the Exhibition, as all are under wraps until the Festival opens.

Will YOU be there?!

This in from Gill Rebelo:

One of the highlights of my trip to the 2011 South African Quilt Festival at Stellenbosch was the lecture given by Australian quilter Pam Holland.  Her blog is subtitled “Taking Quilting One Step Further” and Pam certainly does that!

Pam’s quilting life started when she found mentioned in a book the 1776 quilt from Sorbia, a region bordering on Germany and Poland. This quilt was made by Sorbian soldiers on the battlefield as Prussian troops marched into Bohemia around 1766.

The book Pam wrote about her quilt journey includes the emotional discovery that her own grandfather came from the area of Europe where the quilt was made.  The full title of Pam’s book is The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage & Happiness and it is published by Breckling Press.

1776 Quilt by Pam Holland

1776 Quilt by Pam Holland

The appliqué-type figures and motifs are made from pieces of the soldiers’ felted wool uniforms, using an old European method known as Silesian quilting.  We now know this inlaid method of piecing as intarsia quilting (also here).

Despite being a relatively inexperienced quilter, Pam replicated the 1776 quilt using modern methods.  The quilt later won Best of Show at the Houston International Quilt Festival in addition to several other awards.

Following the success of the 1776 quilt, Pam has made many more unique pieces.  She has now embarked on another incredible quilt project – recreating the Bayeux Tapestry – all 238 feet of it.

Detail of Bayeux Quilt by Pam Holland
Detail of Bayeux Quilt
Pam Holland's Bayeux Quilt Border Detail
Bayeux Quilt Border Detail

The original Bayeux Tapestry, made around 1070, was embroidered, not woven, on linen.  Pam is re-creating it in appliqué attached by fine machine stitching (1/16” satin stitch) which quilts the panel at the same time.

Eight panels will be assembled to make the finished quilt.  This one shows Harold, Earl of Wessex, with his hounds travelling to Normandy in France.  Pam takes this completed panel along to her lectures.  Having seen it in South Africa, I can vouch that it is an amazing piece of work.  A book and a film of the project will be launched with the quilt when it is finished.

Detail of the Bayeux Quilt by Pam Holland
Detail of the Bayeux Quilt

Pam is a prolific quilter.  She travels, teaching and lecturing, for eight months of the year and tries to quilt for six hours a day when she is at home.  If she spends less than six hours, she makes up for it the following day.

Check out her website and browse the archives – it’s inspiring and a joy to read.  If you are interested in a beautiful set of Pam’s original block-of-the-month designs, you can have them for free, providing they are for your personal use only.

Kenya now boasts two certified patchwork quilt judges! We are pleased to have these two new professionally qualified quilt judges as part of the quilting community in Kenya.

Gill Rebelo and Dena Crain both earned their official patchwork quilt judge certification during the 16th South African National Quilt Festival in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The presentations were made during the “Alive with Colour” Prize-Giving Dinner on June 26, hosted by the Good Hope Quilters’ Guild and were awarded to each candidate by their tutors Sue Prins, Jenny Hermans, Elsa Brits and Odette Tolksdorf.

Gill’s and Dena’s successes were duly acknowledged by the Kenya Quilt Guild at our last meeting.

“This flying geese concept with Ricky unfolds some of the quilting mysteries. Makes me want to quilt more and more…” Princess Mutero has shared a video on YouTube with us:

One Seam Flying Geese Quilt Block: Ricky Tims teaches Alex Anderson how to make a flying geese block with just one seam.

Great blog post:

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