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After welcoming our guests and new members to the meeting, our Chairperson Patty Arensen asked the ladies that have their birthday in February to stand.  They all received a round of applause.

Suzanne Waithaka was introduced to the meeting as the new Assistant Editor for Snippets and all contributors past and present were thanked. Suzanne requested that any photos taken during the meeting be sent to her for reformatting and then she will in turn forward them so they can be posted on the website.

The 2014 Exhibition Committee had met and the dates of 3rd – 5th October were confirmed for the Sarit Centre.  We will be publishing a calendar in conjunction with the KEG, proceeds to help with the funding of the hall.  Members are asked to bring along a photograph of one of their quilting projects, then in May the members will vote on the photos.  A short list of most popular photos will be taken to the photographer and he/she will select seven quilts to be printed on the calendar.  The quilts must be available for the professional photographer.

There was a competition during the 2013 Exhibition and a prize offered by Vice-Chairperson Charu Patel for the person who sold the most raffle books.  The beaded necklace wall hanging was presented to Neela Shah, the worthy winner!

The last edition of the Mystery Quilt was included in Snippets.  Quilts should be ready by the July meeting, where they will be voted upon by members and a prize presented.  These quilts will be displayed in a special area in the Exhibition.

The UFO afternoon will continue on from the meeting where members were invited to come and sew.

Ragbir Syan’s Twisted Table Runner class will be held on Thursday, 27th February.  Members who wished to sign up for the class were asked to pay in full to reserve a place.

Librarian Raji Syan asked members for suggestions for library books by the first week in March.  Raji has an up-to-date catalogue of library books for perusal.  No one was particularly interested in starting a magazine subscription.

The Guild workshop should be operational by Easter.  Raji Syan and Poley Bhamra will start up the workshop making small kits for sale during the Exhibition.

Next month, Estelle will speak about The Tentmakers of Cairo (see also, and and she will have a few pieces of their work to share with us.  In April we will have our AGM and Membership Officer Kundan Pattni will have a presentation too.

Kundan is still collecting membership fees.  It is very important that each member completes a form so we have current email addresses.

The Show and Tell was varied this month.  April Webb shared her baby quilt that she made from a jelly roll and her intricate appliqué piece. Suzanne Waithaka made a bag from 5” squares and Carol Davey shared a quilt made by her night guard using octagonal pieces.  Gill Rebelo brought along needlework that she purchased in S.E. Asia which included small bags, tablemats and coasters.  She also shared a book on indigo fabric with us.  Jasbir Jabbal finished her sampler quilt and Maureen Dougherty had her pillows made from the embroidery blocks that Bev Rebelo brought from Zimbabwe.  Indu Shah also had a sampler quilt and Jasvinder Phull made an iPad cover. Pauline Mang’ana had a large quilt with appliqué houses and trees and Patty Arensen shared her baby quilt with us. Dorothy Stockell and Karen Crumpacker finished their “Lala Salama” (sleep well in Kiswahili) quilts.

An announcement was made that Buttons and Bows at Yaya Centre has a 20% off sale until the end of the month!

Petrina Spencer-Walker, qualified physiotherapist, gave us a presentation and talk about “Quilting and its Problems”.  She demonstrated the correct sitting position at the sewing machine and how to avoid getting headaches, tight shoulders, lower back pain, and hand discomfort amongst other problems.  She explained how sitting badly can cause a multitude of harms to the body and suggested taking breaks every 40 minutes or so. She took questions at the end of her talk and everyone found the information very valuable.


Kundan Pattni, professional quilter

Kundan Pattni, Kenya Quilt Guild member and officer

Have you checked out the Bernina Web site and registered for Bernina eNews?  Guild member Kundan Pattni did, and she shares with us this update for the holidays:

Jump-start your holiday gift crafting with our Hanging Letter Holder project made special with BERNINA embellishments. When used in combination, decorative sewing stitches make an impressive border and are fun to stitch-out. With machine embroidery, the addition of lettering to a design combination allows you to customize this project for each person on your gift list. Quick to make and joy to give, the Hanging Letter Holder will be on your hit parade of gifts.

As a featured 5 Series Webinar project, access the recording of our recent Organize in Style online webinar class to learn techniques for making your version of the Hanging Letter Holder. See how you can take your creative ideas to new heights!

Have a look at these and other great projects at Bernina!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 25,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Spring in My Garden, traditional quilt by Rohini Desai

Spring in My Garden, traditional quilt by Rohini Desai

Lark Books, publishers of the “500” series of books on various arts and crafts, are putting together a new book to be called “500 Traditional Quilts.”  They are seeking the best traditional quilts from around the world.  If you make traditional quilts and have one or more you would like to enter for inclusion in the book, find out more information from Lark Books at

Find a free downloadable tote bag (cute!!) pattern on the American Quilter’s Society site at  Then, be sure to have a look at their new book catalog at–books, patterns, fabrics–it’s all there!

Village Market, Gigiri, Kenya

The Village Market‘s magazine, Village Beat, has an article in it this month about the Kenya Quilt Guild’s exhibition held at Village Market in May of this year. Find the entire magazine, as well as our article, by clicking on the logo above.  First, though, you’d better get yourself a cuppa something–you’re going to want to read the entire magazine!!

Log Cabin Quilt by Deanna Gaudaur

Log Cabin Quilt by Deanna Gaudaur

This email has just gone out from Karey Bresenhan and we picked it up from the QuiltArt e-list (if you’re not a member, we think you should be!). We hope that the letter will be of interest to our readers and that someone who saw it here first will submit a quilt:

I know all of you are art quilters–that’s why you read this list! But I’mbetting that quite a few of you have come from excellent traditional quiltbackgrounds, and if so, you’re just the people I need to reach! (You and other really good traditional quilters you know, of course)

I’m jurying another 500 quilts book for Lark/Sterling. This one is 500 Traditional Quilts. I did the 500 Art Quilts book a couple of years ago. As with the art quilt book, we are trying to showcase the most beautiful, extraordinary traditional quilts being made today. There’s no restriction on country, or on materials used, or even on when the quilt was made, although preference will be given to more recent work. The quilt can have beenpublished elsewhere, online, or on a blog–no problem. Generally speaking, if your quilt has been published previously in a book or magazine, and YOUpaid for the photograph to be taken or YOU took the photo yourself, thenthere should be no copyright problem, but please do check the contract yousigned with the publication first, before submitting an entry. (And please,I don’t want to get in the middle of a copyright discussion–Heaven forbid!I am just passing along the specific information the Lark/Sterling editorgave me–I am certainly no copyright expert.)

Most of the Lark books require that the photo that is submitted for juryingbe of publication quality, but because so often even fine traditional quiltsare submitted with snapshots (this is based on our experience at IQA andwith Festival’s special exhibits), I convinced the editors to go a differentroute with the 500 Traditional Quilts book. We ask that you submit the best
quality photo you can for jurying, but if your quilt is selected for thebook, then it will be your responsibility to have a professional qualityphoto made for the book. Digital imagery, slides, and transparencies will beaccepted. Each quilt artist may submit up to 5 quilts. There is no entryfee. If your work is accepted for the book, you will get fullacknowledgement, one free copy (only one per quilt), and discounts on thepurchase of additional books.

Details on submitting a quilt for the new book may be found here: . Please note thatthere are two forms that must be downloaded from this site. Entries must bemailed in; no email entries will be accepted.

The deadline is MAY 15. I urge all of you to take another look at your owntraditional quilts or to suggest this to another traditional quilter you mayknow who does extraordinary work! This call is not meant for those sweet,but run-of-the-mill, Nine Patch quilts, of course, which I probably don’thave to tell you! But spectacular, beautifully made, traditional quilts that
take the genre to new heights–those I’m looking for! And I’d love it ifyou’d send this to all your traditional quilt friends!

Karey Bresenhan

Director Emeritus, International Quilt Festival–Houston, Long Beach, and Cincinnati

Juror, 500 Traditional Quilts

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