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We have heard recently from this shop in Muthaiga, that they have some quilting books they are selling at a healthy discount. Get there–quick!!

PO Box 63688 – 00619, Nairobi
Cell: 0724-081059
Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Road
FB Page Wall Décor –
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm

Our visitors, Bev, Marta, Abigail, Gaudencia, and Veronica were given a warm welcome to our meeting. We are happy to see the return of Estelle, an old member who has been away for 8 years!

Patty expressed her sorrow at recent events which happened at Westgate shopping mall. She felt that it would be nice for the KQG to acknowledge the wonderful work carried out by the Kenya Red Cross during this awful tragedy. Members were asked to sign up to make a red and white ‘Peace’ wall hanging for them and we received a good response.

New library books have been purchased in UK and are expected to arrive soon–be on the look out!

Gill Rebelo is waiting for feedback from Turkey about the possibility of individuals entering quilts into their 2014 show.

Bev Rebelo’s recent classes were excellent!  Gill was disappointed that the response from members was not as good as before. Bev’s visit did not coincide with a Guild meeting at the beginning so perhaps members were unaware of the wonderful learning opportunities to be had from her classes. Do not miss out next time!

Members were asked what skills they would like to learn. One member suggested ‘piecing curves’. If you want to learn a patchwork skill, LET US KNOW! Call or email any of the Executive Committee members.

THURSDAY 7TH NOVEMBER, 09.30 0NWARDS, SIMBA UNION. Put this in your diaries everyone! It is UFO day! Bring your unfinished projects and we will help you finish them. No quilt is a lost quilt! Bring a vegetarian (requirement of the Sikh Union) packed lunch.

WEDNESDAY 11TH DECEMBER IS THE CHRISTMAS LUNCH! Come along and have fun! More details later…..

Show and Tell was, as always, a wonderful array of our members work!

Gill explained the ‘Mystery Quilt’ project to us. It is open to all members at all skill levels. Instructions are in ‘Snippets’ from this month onwards.

Bev Rebelo showed us some of her fantastic quilts. I think this made many members wish they had signed up for her classes! She went on to demonstrate the use of photography and the free computer program called ‘GIMP’ where photographs can be manipulated and printed onto fabric. It was a very inspiring talk.

Finally, our door prize was won by Marcia!

Next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, November 21, at the Sikh Union off Forest Road in Nairobi.

Some of the best things in life are free:!

Find a free downloadable tote bag (cute!!) pattern on the American Quilter’s Society site at  Then, be sure to have a look at their new book catalog at–books, patterns, fabrics–it’s all there!

Log Cabin Quilt by Deanna Gaudaur

Log Cabin Quilt by Deanna Gaudaur

This email has just gone out from Karey Bresenhan and we picked it up from the QuiltArt e-list (if you’re not a member, we think you should be!). We hope that the letter will be of interest to our readers and that someone who saw it here first will submit a quilt:

I know all of you are art quilters–that’s why you read this list! But I’mbetting that quite a few of you have come from excellent traditional quiltbackgrounds, and if so, you’re just the people I need to reach! (You and other really good traditional quilters you know, of course)

I’m jurying another 500 quilts book for Lark/Sterling. This one is 500 Traditional Quilts. I did the 500 Art Quilts book a couple of years ago. As with the art quilt book, we are trying to showcase the most beautiful, extraordinary traditional quilts being made today. There’s no restriction on country, or on materials used, or even on when the quilt was made, although preference will be given to more recent work. The quilt can have beenpublished elsewhere, online, or on a blog–no problem. Generally speaking, if your quilt has been published previously in a book or magazine, and YOUpaid for the photograph to be taken or YOU took the photo yourself, thenthere should be no copyright problem, but please do check the contract yousigned with the publication first, before submitting an entry. (And please,I don’t want to get in the middle of a copyright discussion–Heaven forbid!I am just passing along the specific information the Lark/Sterling editorgave me–I am certainly no copyright expert.)

Most of the Lark books require that the photo that is submitted for juryingbe of publication quality, but because so often even fine traditional quiltsare submitted with snapshots (this is based on our experience at IQA andwith Festival’s special exhibits), I convinced the editors to go a differentroute with the 500 Traditional Quilts book. We ask that you submit the best
quality photo you can for jurying, but if your quilt is selected for thebook, then it will be your responsibility to have a professional qualityphoto made for the book. Digital imagery, slides, and transparencies will beaccepted. Each quilt artist may submit up to 5 quilts. There is no entryfee. If your work is accepted for the book, you will get fullacknowledgement, one free copy (only one per quilt), and discounts on thepurchase of additional books.

Details on submitting a quilt for the new book may be found here: . Please note thatthere are two forms that must be downloaded from this site. Entries must bemailed in; no email entries will be accepted.

The deadline is MAY 15. I urge all of you to take another look at your owntraditional quilts or to suggest this to another traditional quilter you mayknow who does extraordinary work! This call is not meant for those sweet,but run-of-the-mill, Nine Patch quilts, of course, which I probably don’thave to tell you! But spectacular, beautifully made, traditional quilts that
take the genre to new heights–those I’m looking for! And I’d love it ifyou’d send this to all your traditional quilt friends!

Karey Bresenhan

Director Emeritus, International Quilt Festival–Houston, Long Beach, and Cincinnati

Juror, 500 Traditional Quilts

Kenya Quilt Guild Library Accession List

The Kenya Quilt Guild’s Library Book Accession List is now available online.  Find it on our Library page.

Download your preferred format, either pdf (non-sortable) or Excel (sortable by author, title or book identification number; also for iWorks Numbers on Mac).  Then, use the list to help you source books by favorite authors or find out if we have a specific book you would like to read.


Kenya Quilt Guild Library Policies

Beginning in January 2012, the Kenya Quilt Guild Library offers two options for Guild members to check out books:

  • Pay KES 1,000/= in advance.  Take out two books per month free of charge.  Want a third book?  Either wait until the next month or pay KES 100/= for every additional book.  If you use the library a lot, this is the best option for you.  At KES 1,000= per year for 20 books, each book rental costs only KES 50-=, and each book over 20 costs only KES 100/=.
  • Pay nothing in advance.  Then, pay KES 200/= per book.  If you seldom or never use the library, this is the best option for you.  You will pay KES 200/= for each book rental, but if you take out only 1 or 2 books per year, the total cost will be far lower than if you pay the subscription fee and then fail to check out books.  If you check out 5 or more books within a year, the subscription fee will be better for you.

This policy has been implemented to reduce library management and paperwork as well as to encourage members to use the library more.  And remember:  All fees you pay help us acquire new books for your reading pleasure.  Take advantage today!

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