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Patty welcomed back the members after the summer break. Quite a few ladies had their birthdays in August and they were joined by those celebrating theirs in September for a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. The visitors were then introduced.

Gretchen collected the twenty-three Challenge Quilts. The remainder of the quilts that have not been finished will hopefully be submitted before too long.  Since the appliqué was an elephant, Gretchen is interested in encouraging members to donate their work for sale in aid of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. During the coffee break Guild members had the opportunity to view and vote for the Challenge Quilt of their choice. The winners were:  1st Prize:  Majeet, 2nd Prize: Brij and joint 3rd Prize: Jasvinder and Raghbir.

The artwork for the Kenya Quilt Guild 2016 calendar is not yet complete. The calendars should be ready for sale in the near future and ladies were positive that sales would be good this year. The money derived from the calendars will help pay for the hall rental for the 2017 Kenya Quilt Guild Exhibition at the Sarit Centre.

Gretchen reported on our charity projects. Dream Children’s Home now has no fewer than sixty-nine children. They have a vehicle and a garage, but still are in need of support. FreMo, the small maternity centre, charges KES 5,000/- per birth, but they are pressed for financial support. We have recently donated two blood pressure machines to the organisation. They are in need of baby clothes and nappies. There were embroidery threads for sale, proceeds to go to Christine Kibuka to help her purchase fabrics and to the maternity hospital.

Gill spoke about education. Unfortunately, one of our prospective overseas teachers has had to decline, however Sarah Brewin will teach in November. We had good positive feedback on her suggestion of machine appliqué of her animal shoes. Gill’s beginners’ classes resume in early October.

Gill has also received an invitation from South Africa’s SANQG for those interested in taking an online course to become a certified quilting teacher. Any applicant must make the designated sample block and pay Rand 1500. This is a twleve-month course which begins in February/March. Anyone interested, please contact Gill.

After coffee, Veena Sennik won the door prize, then Show and Tell commenced. Veena had a Ricki Timms four-by-four.  Anne Lyon finished her quilt top made from the June BOM.  Suzanne Waithaka made a small wallhanging from an oil painting the she had repurposed.  Nandan Shah showed her chevrons and Gretchen Mwaura made a pink wallhanging for her great granddaughter.  She also made a pillow case from the machine quilting that she learned from Charu.  Nirmal Jeet showed two pieces, a baby quilt with teddy bears and a sampler.  Summer in the Park, tube quilt technique, was Jasmine Morelli’s share.  Lakhbir Virdee had a bright and colourful crazy 8’s quilt. From a pattern in one of the library books, Raji Syan made a lovely quilt and she also had a table runner that was machine appliquéd. Jasvinder Phull had table mats and a chop block quilt, along with a mystery quilt that Jana Mead introduced.

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Dr. Pauline Macaulay from the UK spoke to us about the Talking Quilts Oral History project, an undertaking by The Quilter’s Guild of the British Isles. Talking Quilts was inspired by a similar project in the USA, QSOS (Quilters Save Our Stories), part of the Alliance for American Quilts.

Pauline and her committee record stories of quilts. The members preserve, record and share people’s stories to be archived.  The project also recognises quilt trends.  Pauline is a volunteer who goes around the UK and interviews people who make quilts and writes their stories.  “Talking Quilts” is linked with the “Fine Cell Work” project, a charity that teaches prisoners quilting as a form of rehabilitation, as ‘paid, skilled, creative needlework to foster hope, discipline and self esteem.”  Pauline shared a lovely story of Sylvester, a Polish prisoner from Wansworth Prison who loves quilting and how it helped him with prison life.  She shared another heartfelt story of a mother who lost her daughter, aged 15, to a motor accident.  She used all of her daughter’s clothing to make a beautiful quilt which was therapy for dealing with her loss.

The Kenya Quilt Guild meets next on October 15. If you are a quilter living in or visiting Nairobi at that time, we invite you to join us!


This is just in from The Quilt Show, courtesy of Deanna Gaudaur who drew our attention to the right place:

“In honor of International Quilt Day on March 17, 2012, The Quilt Show, the web TV show hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, will “open” all of its shows from the first nine series–that is, from show 100 through show 913–for the entire weekend of March 16-18. This means that–for three special days–everyone will have the chance to view these 117 shows, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE.


Share this information with all of your quilting friends. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy three days of learning and fun without leaving your home… all for free.  Log in to enter, enjoy the shows, and thanks for helping to spread the word!

Don’t yet have an account at The Quilt Show? Now is the perfect time to create one!”

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

Deanna Gaudaur, a happy quilter and member of the Kenya Quilt Guild

Deanna Gaudaur, a happy quilter!

Jogging our minds may be quite healthy as we look back at the great event of hosting Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson in Kenya back in January 2011.

Looking at one of Ricky’s and Alex’s many video clips gives us a glimpse of how the world has gone high tech. We are glad to be connected and learn the art of cutting fabric stress free using an AccuQuilt die cutter as demonstrated.

The AccuQuilt offers quilters many fabric cutting solutions that help quilters quickly and accurately cut shapes for quilting and fabric crafts.

Many of us remember meeting Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson when they were in Kenya in January 2011. Few, if any of us will have an opportunity to study with either of them. This video, suggested to us by Princess Mutero, may be as close as we come! Find other wonderful quilting techniques on video at

The Quilt Life has most graciously granted us permission to publish a copy of the article “Kwilting in Kenya” from its October 2011 issue. This article, written by our own Dena Dale Crain, features some of our finest quilts as it describes patchwork quilting amongst members of the Kenya Quilt Guild.

The article has members-only access until the magazine comes off the newsstands. To download the article, you must use the private password. If you are not a Kenya Quilt Guild Member, check back with us in November, when Kwilting in Kenya will be made public.

The Quilt Life

If you cannot wait until November to see the article, or if you simply want to get in now on one of the Library Journal’s 10 Best New Magazines of 2010, find more information at The Quilt Life.  At USD $24.99 for six issues, it’s a great deal!

You can subscribe to the online version and receive The Quilt Life instantly!

On Thursday morning, January 20, 2011, the Kenya Quilt Guild received quiltmaking visitors from overseas, courtesy of Jim West’s Sew Many Places.  Accompanying the 50 tour participants were quilting superstars Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, hosts of The Quilt Show amongst all their other many activities.  What a great time we had!

The event was hosted in the East African Women’s League headquarters at WEAL House on Bishop’s Road in Nairobi.  Our guests, who were lodged at the luxurious Nairobi Serena Hotel, arrived promptly at 10:00 a.m. Pulling up in three shiny new buses, the safari participants debarked and moved into the hall and auditorium of WEAL House where they were warmly welcomed by members of the Kenya Quilt Guild.

With the entire group assembled in the auditorium, a few small speeches were given.  Margaret Odera, resplendent in full African dress, shouted “JAMBO!  Karibu sana!” and issued a customary welcome to Kenya to our guests.  Then, our Lady Chairman, Jasvinder Phull, greeted the visitors on behalf of the Kenya Quilt Guild.  Gill Rebelo, our resident quilt and East African textile historian, spoke briefly about the history of the “Settler Tapestries” on permanent display in the hall.

Alex and Ricky jointly spoke about how delighted they were to be visiting Kenya, and about all the fun they have working with quilters from around the world.  They presented all members of the Kenya Quilt Guild with a gift subscription to The Quilt Show.  Our members were delighted!

In return, the Guild presented Alex with a lovely African necklace that we know she will enjoy wearing with great pride, and Ricky with a traditional African “finger piano.”  What better gift for a talented musician and entertainer?  Ricky promises he will be playing it on his next album!  To Jim we presented a lovely ebony “mother and child” antelope sculpture.

The participants of the tour enjoyed proper Kenyan hospitality, taking tea and coffee with us and feasting from a table loaded with cakes, samosas and all kinds of other “bitings.”  They wandered leisurely around the building, viewing a fabulous, although hastily hung early that morning, display of quilts made by our members.  There were about 45 quilts on display, both indoors and outside, so there was good reason to keep moving about.  The visitors introduced themselves and chatted with our members, and vice versa, and a truly good time was had by all!

The buses departed at about 12:00 p.m., and we were sorry to see the party break up as all good things must come to an end.

Thanks go to all those who loaned quilts for display, brought food to share, helped set up the space and quilt exhibition, and especially to Dena Crain, whose idea this reception was, for organizing it with Jim West.

We hope Jim’s safari tour group will enjoy the rest of their time in Kenya as much as we enjoyed entertaining them yesterday morning:  “Safiri salaama!

Plans for the Kenya Quilt Guild’s tea party for celebrity safari hosts Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims of The Quilt Show, their guide Jim West of Sew Many Places and their group of 50 participants are proceeding apace.

Emails and phone calls are flying!

The hall is booked for the morning of January 20, the call has gone out for food, and today we will call for quilts to be put on display.  These, along with the “Settler Tapesties”owned by the East African Women’s League and on permanent display already at the EAWL building, should give our guests plenty of “eye candy” to see.

Everyone is very excited!

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